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Mabu Naturals International Incorporated was created in 1997 based upon an idea to design and launch an all new fully eco-friendly range of cleaning and sanitary products.

Today, our natural products are sold around the globe and include a range of environmentally friendly cloths for cleaning, wiping, polishing and dusting at home or work.

We're also renowned for our range of earth friendly baby and child sanitary products, such as reusable and biodegradeable Eco-diapers, pads and liners.

We released and marketed our first product, the Mabu Multi Cloth, to the North American market in the late 1990s. A unique eco-friendly cleaning cloth, it soon attracted great interest throughout the US and Canada. Households found it to be incredibly long lasting and very adaptable, with many uses throughout both the home and workplace.

As word spread about the Mabu Multi Cloth's unique qualities, demand grew quickly and so did availability and distribution, to meet the needs of customers who couldn't live without it! Many converts have commented that the cloth became softer with use and praised its long life.

The Mabu Multi Cloth is a true earth friendly product, made entirely from sustainably sourced wood fibre and once it comes to the end of long life, it will degrade safely into compost, and will not add to the world's rapidly filling landfill sites.

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