Our fully biodegradable Mabu Multi Cloth cleans and dries surfaces in one easy stroke, its unique 8 layer wood fibre weave is both bacteria and stain resistant.

When cleaning, the Mabu Multi Cloth collects and retains bacteria, stains, debris, food particles and dirt, but once rinsed under cold water, the Mabu becomes fresh, clean and sparkling white again.

The Mabu has been tried and tested again and again by households and businesses worldwide during the past fifteen years, and it remains a firm favourite and must have cleaning accessory. During the Mabu's development, we commissioned and conducted rigorous laboratory tests to determine not only the Mabu's 99.9% resistance to bacteria but also it's exceptional durability.

Unlike other cleaning cloths, the Mabu's unique non-trap weave means that debris doesn't adhere and germs cannot incubate. The Cloth dries out naturally and thus it remains fresh and odour free! Soap and cleaning products can be used with the Mabu, but ultimately, the Mabu cloth performs best with fresh tap water.

When removed from the packet, at first touch, your Mabu will feel slightly rigid, this is because we stiffen it with harmless edible starch for packaging and transit. This washes out the first time you rinse your new Mabu.

The Mabu comes in two pack sizes, single and triple. The cloths in the triple pack are specially colour coded so they can be used for different purposes. We hope you really enjoy all the benefits your new Mabu Cloth will bring!

Happy cleaning, The Mabu Team.


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